Road Forward PAC – July 26

Candidate Education and Training Program

Campaign Training Track

Sat, July 26; 9:30-11:30am

Virginia National Bank, 2nd floor, Arlington Blvd and Emmet St
The bank asks that participants NOT park in their customer lot, but there is plenty of parking across Arlington Boulevard in the Barracks Road Shopping Center.

“Campaign Organization: Operations and Strategy”

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There’s no softball in politics … wait, yes there is!

The Albemarle County Democratic Committee has challenged the Cville Dems to a softball game on Saturday, September 20, 2014, at Pen Park. That’s the same date and place the county’s annual BBQ will happen this year – the game may take place just before the BBQ starts, or it may be part of the BBQ (exact scheduling to be determined).

But whatever time it starts, we know how it will end – in victory for the City, of course! We never back away from a political challenge!

Our coaches, Todd Divers and Bob Fenwick, are recruiting “big hitters” and “stalwart staff” to build the bench for a knockout team – and they want YOU. Email Todd or call him (434-249-8245) or email Bob to sign up. We know how to turn out the vote in the City, so let’s turn out just as strong and solid a softball team – the challengers from the county will never know what hit ‘em!!

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Cville Dems City Market Table April 5 – November 15

For the 2014 City Market season, the Charlottesville Democrats will have a table on the “nonprofit row” — (along First Street South).

To give people information about Democratic activities, candidates and voter registration, we need volunteers!

To volunteer for Saturdays  email Pam DeGuzman to sign up for one- or two-hour shifts.

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Sign The Petition to Expand Medicaid and Cover ALL Virginians

At the Pasta Supper on March 15, Delegate David Toscano told us about two challenges related to Medicaid expansion in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and how we can all help:
Some Democratic House members from Northern Virginia believe they can generate more signatures on their petition supporting General Assembly action to close the coverage gap than any place in the state. This is the friendly challenge.

AND Republicans have their own petition and think they can get more signatures than the House Democrats can. This is a challenge that Democrats in the General Assembly must meet and defeat!

Prove them wrong. Sign the petition NOW and share it with your friends:

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